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just agree with you.


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olympic games accommodation

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Rent During The Games

For an idea of what people are asking for rent during the Olympics.....
As of Oct 25 / 2011

RentDuringTheGames.com - currently has (770 rentals a total of 1980 bedrooms)
listed for rent during the London 2012 Olympics.

Prices below reflect a one week stay in GBP funds.

Avg house is listed at £3300.00 or £900.00 per bedroom.
Avg Flat is listed at £2,100.00 or £1,200.00 per bedroom.
People renting out just a bedroom are asking an avg of £580.00 per week.

Prices will vary due to the quality of the rental and the distance to the Olympic venues.

For more info on these rental prices checkout

Hope that helps…..

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