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Hari Nair

Hi Beatrice - I am in a similar business as you, having founded India's first travel community & information site - HolidayIQ. This post about energy & enthusiasm resonated with me; I keep getting asked the same thing. I am not sure I know the answer too well, but I did ruminate about this in my blog. Incidentally the comment likening your project to a sculpture is so appropriate. I keep thinking that the expereince of entrepreneurship is somewhere between that of a movie director and a painter (or sculptor).

Here is the link to a post on this subject on my blog:




Wonderful post Beatrice and as hari points out in his comment, the analogy to art is quite apropos. I am a technology entrepreneur as well (my current venture is called PlaceVine - http://www.placevine.com) and as a former performing musician I constantly enjoy comparing a well functioning startup to a well balanced improvisational jazz ensemble where each member feeds off each other's passions and strengths. I wrote last year similar thoughts that you might appreciate in a post called "The Urge to Create":


Great artists, writers, and musicians not only make people listen, but they compel others to play, write, or paint - similarly great entrepreneurs should have a contagious effect on the desire of those around them to participate in the joy of creating brand new ventures!

Keep up the great writing,

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Amazing words. In fact, no matter how small you are if you have motivation, one day you will be big. Remember my words. Thanks for sharing.

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