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Hi Beatrice,

Good to see you blogging.

Wish you all the best at the ETRE '06 exhibition in Barcelona.



Thank you Chirayu. You can see what happens on the ETRE conference at the Rodrigo's Sepulveda ( CEO of VPODTV.com) blog:http://rodrigo.typepad.com/
Mobissimo is doing a corporate presentation there today :)


Hi Beatrice,

1. Sure, I will browse through the link above.

2. Ref: MobiBlog IN

To answer your question on numbers for domestic flyers in India.

Approx. 18 million people travel by planes, as compared to the 300 million that take the trains.

So that's a huge gap and this is trying to be filled-in by the Low-cost carriers, however these LCCs are not competing in the segmented space of 'Low Airfares', but they are competing with full service carriers, without a substantial difference in airfares.

Most LCCs haven't made any profits, but the outlook is optimistic, what with new promotions coming up every other day.

If I get the exact numbers on Domestic Airlines, I will email the same.


You may follow link below to read more.


OAG Quarterly Airline Traffic Statistics - Oct '06.
PDF: http://www.traveldailynews.gr/pdf/OAG%20Quarterly%20Airline%20Statistics%20Oct%20061.pdf

From the report:
India shows the most dramatic growth in demand for air travel. The world’s airlines have timetabled 14 per cent more services to and from the country but, within India, the number of October flights, as compared to last year, is up 46 per cent.


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