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Thanks for this refreshing and positive attitude!
I received a comment after a post about digital natives and digital immigrants... The message was "think of all those that cannot access to the digital world because of the French digital divide"... Well, if you consider France has one of the highest broadband access level in Europe and the cheapest connection fees, we clearly must keep on evangelizing the French about the incredible empowerment potential the web offers...
On the other hand, the hardest part is to develop the entrepreneurial state of mind!!!


I agree with you that the key is the entrepreneurial culture.
We are very lucky here in the Silicon Valley to be in the ecosystem of talented people driven by passion to create, invent and improve our digital lives and experienced professionals ( VCs, Lawyers, PR specialists, Journalists, Bloggers etc ) that help turn the ideas into products and services that we use.


You just forgot one thing everyone has not a computer and the "fracture" is just here . in my work I know a lot of people who are unable to use a computer and internet Pehaps yhe youngster will be able to use these new media but th others will be totally lost and that's on these point you're rignt the gouvernment has to do something about these

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