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The Foo

haha, good one. i totally agree with you with the travel thing - it's pretty said when i go to the airport and the ticket counter ladies and security people know me by my first name. btw, i saw a universal charger at the airport once- it had interchangable plugins for different models and manufacturers.


Love this post! That's 150% true!!! I dunno how I'm gonna carry all my stuff on transatlantic flights... How can i store, laptop, Ipod, phone, blackberry, plugs, wires and adaptors in a tiny transparent plastic bag!!!
I'm dreaming of the all-in-one mobile device!!!!


I got 5 right out of 6 ! (fortunately, the security agents don't greet me by my name or by any warm welcome : we've already told you to take off your shoes, belt, blablabla. I prefer it to remain a first time...

I think you have missed an important one : www.airliners.net is a web site where, in advance, you can see what kind of planes you're likely to board, what is the seat arrangements etc...but it's probably for plane-geeks

Don Duhon

Good travel tips and just in time


Mark Vane

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